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stop fraudulent app installs

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In Q1 2018, Machine analysed over 17.1m app installs. 57% of the installs we detected as fraudulent. On average, this saved our clients 46% of their marketing budgets from going to waste. We offer free customised trials, to register click here

Machine is the only company entirely dedicated to stopping app install fraud. It’s all we do. This is why our technology - and team - stop more install fraud than any other service in the market. We guarantee this.

Machine stops fraudulent app installs before, during and after the install. Which is what separates us - and our clients - from the competition.

Helix, our self-service platform, fully automates the entire process of disputing and removing fraudulent app installs. The DNA team provides all the support clients need. Machine’s services will increase your app install fraud detection, save you time and money.

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Block, dispute & approve app installs automatically

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Professional Support To Help You Fight Fraudulent App Installs

Professional Support To Help You Fight Fraudulent App Installs

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